Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving at D and A's

Monica, Bill, Me, Tovah Rose, Jon, Meredith, Riley,
Reese, Abbie and Dad

As has become Thanksgiving tradition now, I joined D and A at their house for Turkey Day.

The Mountains Surrounding D and A's

It was still a winter wonderland out where they live.

Reese Reads!

Reese, who is only in kindergarden can read books all by himself. And I mean, like, chapter books. Like the Magic Treehouse!

Dad and Riley

Dad likes to play with the boys. He's a big kid at heart and fits right in. Here he is hanging out with Riley.

Riley and Reese

A moment with the brothers together. Reese is too absorbed in his book to take time for a silly photograph from Aunt Emily.

Bill and Monica Strike a Pose

A great pic of my stepsister, Monica, and her husband, Bill.

Sisters and Twinkies

Meredith and Monica claim that they did not plan to dress as twinkles today, but aren't they cute together? 

Dad, Tovah Rose, and Me

Daddy and Daughter (and Tovah Rose too).

Francine and Abbie

Abbie with her longtime friend, Francine, who joins us every year for Thanksgiving.

The View

Abbie asked us each to go around the table and say what we were thankful for this year. She spoke first, saying that she was so happy to have all of her family together and healthy...and healthier. :) The light in her eyes when she looked at me as she said 'healthier' melted my heart. 


It was wonderful to be able to participate in the holiday fully--easily sitting at the dinner table, helping to clear the dishes, reading a book to Riley, carrying him to the dinner table, taking photos, chatting with Meredith and Monica, and interacting with the boys. And did you notice who is standing in the family photo?! Tovah Rose joined us this year, since Mr. G had gotten to go last year. 

She came home just as pooped out from all of the activity as I did! :) According to Mom, Gershwin wandered around the house while we were gone acting lost and confused. My poor little guy.

No Complaints From Me About The Snow!

Mom and I topped off the day with a light dinner of soup and salad, and settled in for the first half of Forrest Gump, which I have somehow managed not to see since it was in the theaters 20 years ago!

Thank you, Abbie, for the huge spread and warm loving embrace of all of us.



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