Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Flapper Girl

You know all of that fun stuff you get to do when you feel well enough to HAVE fun? Well, that is what I am savoring every moment of right now.

Roaring '20s

I used an old dress of Mom's and other items I found around the house to make a flapper costume and DRESS UP for Halloween! Total cost of costume? $6. :)

Having FUN!

Our neighborhood had Trick or Treat on Thursday evening. It was a bit of a slow night--last year we almost ran out of goodies, but this year we have a ton left over. I was a bit disappointed about the lack of turn-out, but we did get to see some of our favorite kiddos, including Kaylee (no pic because she is  too old to stop for a pic! :)).

Princess, Flapper Girl, Caterpillar and Monarch Butterfly

We had a special visit from a new neighbor girl, along with Tegan and Wesley, who were dressed as a monarch butterfly and a caterpillar! Tegan has already decided that next year she and her new brother will be a squirrel and a nut. Ha! Good thing her mommy is creative.

Fsiherman and Elsa

Sadly, Miss PJ didn't quite hold up long enough to make it to our house, so Andrea sent us a picture of Daddy and PJ. Apparently, PJ's Elsa costume lights up and everything. I was really anticipating the full sensory experience! :(

Elphaba, Ariel and Flapper Girl

And then we had an extra-special long visit from Jennifer and Allie-Kat, er, Elphaba and Ariel. They no longer live in the neighborhood, but Jennifer has held fast and true to being a loyal and committed friend and making Allison and I a part of each other's lives. This four year old is just ALL joy. We had to take a picture in the exact same spot we did last year!


I'm so grateful to our friends and neighbors who go out of the way to stop in and share the joy with us!

Hope you are having a FUN and SAFE Halloween!



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Rachel Lundy said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! And I love you! You look so beautiful and you look like you are having a fun day. Great flapper costume!