Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Shanah Tovah

Farmer's Market bouquet and Candles Ready to be Lit

Blessings to those of you who celebrate Rosh Hashanah!

May you have a sweet New Year.

May you know love, peace, health and joy.

Spotted this Flower on Our Evening Walk Along the Golf Course

Shanah Tovah!



Sunday, September 29, 2019

You're Invited

Just 3 days left to register to guarantee a shirt.
(Deadline October 3rd at 11:59 AM)

Please join RRR and over 20 super heroes, Kevin Briggs' beautiful music and seriously awesome raffle items.

Click HERE to register or learn more.

Click HERE to Like us on FB and HERE to say you are GOING to the Event.

Click here to watch our video. 

If you cannot attend, but would like to make a donation to my page, please click here.

Blessings and Shanah Tovah!


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What Does It Mean to Be a Part of RRR?

Rowe's Research Runners is a super fun, joy-filled event with live music, raffles and superheroes that's family and dog-friendly--all while raising money for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related disorders. That's a win, right?!

I'd like to invite you to Register for Rowe's Research Runners which will take place on October 20th at 2 PM at the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg:

1. As a Runner

2. As a Runner + A Fundraiser

There seems to be a bit of confusion about what it means to register for RRR, so I'd like to clarify!

Both can be done from anywhere in the world! Or you can show up in person at our State College event.

You Can Run, Walk, Roll or Sit! :) There's Plenty of Other Fun Stuff to Do!

What do these things mean?

As a RUNNER only, you click HERE to register. For $25 you are part of our team, get a RRR t-shirt (shipped FREE if you are out of the area), and become a part of our movement to raise awareness. Being a Runner doesn't mean you need to be able to run. At. All! :) Just come for the party!

As a RUNNER and FUNDRAISER, you click HERE to register and get the same things as above. However, in addition to being a Runner, you are also committing to raising money for RRR. There is no minimum to raise! But EVERY dollar counts. As a Fundraiser, you will post the link to your fundraising page on Facebook to ask for donations and/or email friends and family for donations. 

Big Supporter Dad!

Please NOTE these important dates:

If you are participating virtually and are out of town, please register by September 26th at 11:59 PM to receive your shirt in time for race day.

If you are participating in our State College event, please Register by October 4th at NOON to guarantee a shirt.

**You may register up to and at the event, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a shirt in your size.

RRR has a goal of raising $25,000 this year, which we can do with YOUR help. We would LOVE to see you at the event, as well as have your help in raising funds.

If you are unable to participate in one of these ways, please consider making a donation to my fundraising page HERE. Make sure to watch this VIDEO featuring Dr. Rowe, myself and my co-captain, Colleen, and LIKE us on FB. T-shirts are still for sale, as well, but the deadline is fast approaching (same as above dates for registration).

Thanks so much for your support of RRR!

Onward and Upward!


Monday, September 16, 2019

Big Reveal: A LOT Excited About This!

Today is Dr. Rowe's birthday, andI'm BURSTING with excitement to have this 5-minute video tribute to share with you all. The video, Dr. Rowe: Compassion and Hope for ME/CFS, features Dr. Rowe, patients and families (including MOI! :) and my co-captain Colleen Marden). It was an incredible experience to be a part of this tribute and I can't think of a better way to show how incredible Dr. Rowe is!

If you are reading in email, HERE is the video

I'd like to use today (and this week), Dr. Rowe's birthday, to shower him with blessings in the form of:

1.New Team Members or Participants in RRR 
    Click HERE to learn more or to register. You may participate in person in Baltimore or State College OR virtually.

2.T-Shirt Purchases 
     ClickHERE to purchase our super soft, on trend T's of which $11 from the sale of each goes to Dr. Rowe's research

3. Donations 
     Click HERE to donate to my fundraising page. My fundraising goal is $8000!

I hope you'll be a part of celebrating Dr. Rowe's birthday in one of these three ways. And I hope, too, that the video helps you to understand more about Dr. Rowe, ME/CFS, and why I have chosen to give back to this human being.



Sunday, September 15, 2019

Monday Dog Blog: Neighborhood Convention

We had quite the neighbored convention the other evening while out for a walk! 

Several of the neighborhood pups all got to visit! 

Gershwin, Tovah Rose, Dessa (sheltie), Hazel (pit bull mix) and Lucy (beagle).

Lucy's mom said: "Such a lady" when she saw the pics of Lucy sniffing Hazel's butt. 

The meeting was a joyful one and gave us a smile.

We hope it does the same for you today.

Happy Monday!


Tovah Rose and Gershwin

Friday, September 13, 2019

Music for my Soul

Houston Person Autographs my CD

It's been a while since I've posted about attending live performances, but tonight's had me reflecting on where I've been and where I am now, especially as I think about why I raise money for RRR and do that work. 

Tonight, the Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State kicked off its season with the Emmet Cohen Trio and guest Houston Person, an 84 year old tenor saxophonist. Cohen, a young, new-on-the-scene pianist, is passionate about bringing generations of jazz musicians together.

Chatting with Emmet

Other than listening to a bit of Cohen and Person's music before the performance and reading a couple of articles about them, I didn't know much about their music.

Let's just say that I be-bopped and smiled the whole way through the concert. Those of us who chatted after the concert remarked that a high bar had been set for the rest of the season--and that this was wayyy better than watching the debates!

Houston Person is One Cool Man!

I especially enjoyed chatting with Mr. Person after the event. We talked about how I used to play saxophone too, but didn't continue with it. Instead of showing disappointment in that, he said: "that's okay! We need people who play and listen. We need people who appreciate the music, too! We need both kinds."

I'm finally able to stop longing for the days that I could play and just sit back and enjoy the music. I'm able to appreciate the foundation that playing an instrument and my incredible teachers instilled in me.

I'm thankful and grateful for the performances that we are able to go to.

Cohen and Person Autographs!

Music fills my soul--especially live music and performances (dance, musicals, etc.)--and this concert was exceptional. It was the epitome of joy and unity in a time of divisiveness.

Hey, Emmet and Emily Have Matching Jewish Noses! :) 

But it's not just the music that makes my soul so happy. It's that I can go to these performances now. It's that I can sit near the front. It's that I can walk to and from the car without any problems. It's that I can chit chat with the staff and fellow community members I see there. It's that I can be fully immersed in the experience with only minimal symptoms. (I'm not going to pretend things are *easy* yet.) It's that I can stay afterwards for photo ops and autographs. It's that I can be more fully engaged in this world.

And part of being fully engaged in this world, for me, is having live music and art as part of my life.

I can't wait for more performances this season!



Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Like Us!

So that's me, dressed like the abominable snowman because it was quite chilly on October 20th of 2018, asking you today to do me a big favor!

Rowe's Research Runners is using Facebook as our way to spread the word about the event and to share testimonials, raffle items, quotes from Dr. Rowe, t-shirt designs, etc.

Please Like our page. Click HERE.

Please say you are Going or Interested in the event. This way we can get more people to see the event and learn about it! Click HERE.

Thank you to Amy for managing the Facebook page and the website. I could NOT do this without her expertise and gift of time.

Thanks to her daughter for her joyful spirit and for decorating our path last year! :)