Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Dysautonomia Awareness Month: Surprise! Blue Hair!

Blue Hair!

I did something crazy fun today: I went to have a portion of my hair dyed blue for Dysautonomia Awareness Month!

This is my little surprise that I mentioned in an earlier post. 

Why did I dye my hair blue?!

I decided that I wanted to do a variety of things for Dysautonomia Awareness Month--both fun things and more serious things. These include: blogging, getting my hair dyed blue, and fundraising for Dr. ANS (I am awaiting the launch of my page from Hopkins).

Most of you know that I tend to be pretty conservative about how I dress, my hair, my nails, etc. So, I found a way to 'go blue' without feeling like it was 'too much'. Yet, it is enough of a statement and enough of a change from my usual 'look' that I hope people will ask: "Why did you dye your hair blue?!" 

As I was leaving the salon a lovely young woman asked me why I had dyed my hair blue and asked if I would email her my fundraising page so she could make a donation!  

My First-Ever Foil

I have never used the time, energy or money to color my hair, so it cracks me up a bit that the first time I do something like that I dye it BLUE! :)

Step 1: Bleaching

The process took over two hours. And you know what? I could sit up for the whole time! That is a celebration in and of itself.

Remember Me When My Hair Used to Be This Color?!

Lauren, my stylist, had to bleach my hair before applying the blue color. It was so strange to see my hair so blonde again--this is how it used to be when I was, um, younger. It kind of made me miss being blonde, but not enough to feel like I could justify the maintenance of highlighting my hair!

Peek-a-Boo Blue

My stylist is great, and we decided on doing one section of my hair as a 'statement piece'. The top layer of my hair lightly covers the blue section, while the blue peeks through it and also extends beyond those shorter top layers. This also means that as the color fades and the blonde needs to grow out, it won't look to crazy! 

I LOVE the blue! It's going to fade to be the perfect blue for Dysautonomia after a couple of washes.

I love that I can have lots of fun, celebrate my improved health, and raise awareness all at the same time!




Rachel Lundy said...

You are brave and beautiful and I LOVE what you are doing to raise awareness!

Pam & Craig said...

Awesome Emily! Love the blue!! :)