Saturday, September 27, 2014

L'Shanah Tovah Part 1: Regina Carter in Concert!

Me with Regina Carter!

We started year 5775 on a joyful note: by attending jazz violinist Regina Carter's performance of her new album Southern Comfort

A Joy To Talk To Her

As you can see, we got to meet her afterwards and have her sign a copy of her CD. I was the last person in line to talk to Ms. Carter and she didn't rush us one bit! It was exciting to feel well enough to stay after the concert to participate in the after-event signing and artist meeting.

Mom and I Loved Talking To Ms. Carter

We enjoyed the intimacy of the concert and our time meeting Ms. Carter--who was warm, friendly, down-to-earth, and very interesting. I would love to go out to a meal with her and listen to her stories!

Smiling for Brianna!

While I enjoy jazz--particularly going to see it live--I am not very knowledgable about it (I guess I leave that job to Uncle Crazy), so Ms. Carter told me about one of her favorite songs called Emily. Her Southern Comfort album is a beautiful exploration of her heritage so she scatters he performance with stories about the songs. I always feel like I don't 'get' jazz despite my longing to be able to and my four years in jazz band with very amazing teachers--yet I was fully immersed in this concert experience. 

Our New Year's Night Out

I'm also not very good at selfies yet. :) But here is a pic of Mom and I with my new iPhone 6--celebrating the new year with music and joy!

See What Happens When I Put Bri In Charge?!

Of course, we got to see our two favorite people--Brianna and Lisa--as well as the director of our performing arts center, George. I left Brianna in charge of photos while I met Regina Carter and this is what happened...

Here She Goes Again!

As always, we got the best treatment EVER from Lisa, Brianna, Nicole, and George. Even with the many frustrations we face in terms of parking and quality of seating for people with disabilities, we have these wonderful people doing everything to make the experience the best it can be.

During Invisible Illness Awareness Week, one topic was to think of Just One person who has changed your life. There are many, but Lisa is at the top.

New CD

It's so empowering not only to see a female jazz musician, but also one who leads an all male group. I have even teased Wynton Marsalis about needing some women in his jazz orchestra! :) We loved the quintet of violin, accordion, string bass, guitar and drums--and the passionate, lively, interesting, joyful, fun and intimate concert these wonderful musicians gave us.

My Signed CD!

When I arrived home, I was tired, but not sick. I needed no extra meds to fall asleep. And we had our Rosh Hashanah dinner (L'Shanah Tovah Part II!) the next evening. 

We can't think of a better way to have started year 5775!

L'Shanah Tovah to those of you who celebrate!



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