Thursday, October 01, 2015

Ready, Set, Goal! 40th Birthday and Dysautonomia Awareness Month Start NOW!

I LOVE October. I love birthdays, pumpkin carving, fall foliage, brightly colored mums, crisp cool air, and the fact that both of my grandmothers were also born during this month. 

Now, I have found even more joy and purpose in October. I LOVE that I can celebrate my birthday, my life (especially this new life I am living), raise awareness, go blue for Dysautonomia Awareness Month, and support Dr. Rowe all at the same time. 

Last year was the first year I took on the challenge of fundraising to support Dr. Rowe's mission at Johns Hopkins University. This year, I pumped up the energy level even more because my body allowed it and because my passion for this is HUGE. 

I've set my sites higher because I know OUR collective work to bring awareness and financial support to Dysautonomia matters. A LOT. 

Click here to make your donation. 

While your donation goes through the Children's Miracle Network, it goes DIRECTLY to Hopkins and no fees are taken out of your donation to Dr. Rowe. I am using this platform through the Johns Hopkins Development Office.

Thank you in advance!

Be a dancing light,


Note: Thank you to Kiernan's wonderful colleague for designing the beautiful poster/flier above.

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