Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monday Dog Blog: Deely Boppers To Celebrate Mommy


As far as we're concerned, Mommy's birthday celebrating has gone a step too far around here.

Hmmmm,What ARE These Things Mommy Put On You?!

Do you see what she made us do?! She made us wear these ridiculous deely boppers just like the girls at her party!

We Look Ridiculous, Right?

Mommy has had a wonderful week of celebrating and she's pretty worn out. But, boy oh boy, did she ever feel loved and spoiled and full of life!

We're happy to see her begin a new decade with so much more health, vitality and life in her.

In the spirit of our love for Mommy and her joy, we decided we'd wear these goofy things on our heads just for her. After all, she does give us really, really special treats, snuggles and all things good.

Happy Monday!


Tovah Rose and Gershwin

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