Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monday Dog Blog: Dog Days of Summer

Sibling Love

Every once in a while I capture a moment of pure sibling love. 

A Moment of Peace Before Tovah Got Mad At G for Being In HER Space

And my heart melts a little bit every single time.

This Fancy Fountain is for Me, Right?

Summer seems to be flying by for us. The days have been relatively cool, so Gershwin hasn't gotten to play in the baby pool at all. Instead, he is satisfied to take a drink out of the fountain on the patio.

Look Who Completed Agility Foundations!

Miss Tovah Rose completed her first Foundations in Agility class with Mom. I wish so much that I could go, but the class is early in the morning, in a warm building and requires a lot of physical exertion. Tovah LOVES to most everything in the class except the teeter-totter. 

Upside Down

All of that hard work completely wears her out!


She is tired for the rest of the day!

We Love TV Time

I'd say, in general, her life is pretty good. This was her on my lap tonight while Mom and I watched an episode of Last Tango in Halifax.

Evening StRoll at the Golf Course

This summer has been glorious so far, and many nights of the week we've been able to enjoy a 'family  StRoll' with Tovah Rose on my lap in the Rolls, Gershwin walking beside the Rolls, and Mom doing the hard work of pushing us. We love this time together.

May you enjoy simple pleasures as well.

Happy Monday!



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