Monday, April 13, 2015

Mom Prom: Dressing Up, Dancing, and Supporting a Good Cause

I've Always Wanted to Do a Photo Booth!

It's been 17 years since I've put on a fancy dress, my dancing shoes and headed for a night out of music, dancing, raising money for a good cause, drinking a martini and hanging out with a bunch of awesome women. In fact, the last time I had on my dancing shoes was probably at a wedding 17 years ago.

Rebekah and Me

My friend, Rebekah, is CEO of a local organization that helps those with intellectual disabilities. At first, I was a little hesitant to attend an event with the name "Mom" in the title (it's always going to be a loaded word for me), but Rebekah assured me that 1. I didn't need to be a mom to attend, and 2. I am a mom to my fur kids. 

Rebekah even lent me a dress for the event! :)

Abbie and Me

The event was SO. MUCH. FUN!

I went with a neighbor friend (Andrea) who recruited two of her friends to attend. Abbie popped in for a while. And I found other folks I knew there as well, including a high school classmate I've been in touch with on FB, but haven't seen since graduation.

Leila, Kaitlyn, Me, Andrea

In the afternoon I took a bath, did my hair and make-up, and got all ready to go. After my nap, all I had to do was slip into the dress Rebekah lent me. 

I drank a martini. I walked around the whole ballroom. I bid on (and won) an awesome silent auction item. I got to cheer on Rebekah. I met new people. I did the photo booth. 

And biggest of all: I DANCED to three songs!
One of those songs was Happy by Pharrell!

How glorious that felt! (And exhausting!) :) 

It was a meaningful end to Passover--so many new freedoms this year, not to mention so many all in one night.

To be able to dance to even one song? Dayenu.
To be able to dress up in a fancy dress? Dayenu.
To be able to tolerate the noise, commotion and large group of people? Dayenu.
To be out for four hours? Deyenu.
To be able to go out to support Rebekah and a great cause? Dayenu.

To be able to dance to THREE songs? To dance at all? 

It was MORE than enough.

I spent Saturday in my PJs--with a little guy named Gershwin more than happy that I was ready to snuggle all day.

May these new freedoms I've been experiencing almost daily now continue!



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