Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monday Dog Blog: Peaceful Coexistence

I live for those sweet moments between the puppies when they choose to be physically connected to one another. 

What usually interrupts the peace is 1. Gershwin gets tired of Tovah trying to clean his ears, 2. Gershwin gets tired of Tovah sitting on top of him, or most commonly, 3. Tovah suddenly decides that she's sick of her little brother and snaps at him.

What's funny about the latter is that Tovah Rose usually is the initiator when it comes to snuggling close to Gershwin. It's just that it has to be on her terms. And when she's had enough, she lets him know not very nicely!

Gershwin is very tolerant of his big sister!

Enjoy a few pics from the past few months of sibling love.

Hopefully, it'll make your Monday a little brighter. 

Tovah Rose and Gershwin are found anywhere I am--cuddling in my bed, cuddling in the bathroom while I take a bath, in a chair with me (or with Mom) or on the sofa. 

I know these guys make every day of mine brighter.

Happy Monday!



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