Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday Dog Blog: Goodbye Winter Fleece!

Blue Camo and Hoodie Modeled by Gershwin

As you all know, Mommy got really behind on her blogging when she started dating Kierny. She even neglected our Monday Dog Blog!

A Natural: Tovah Rose Models Pink Camo Fleece with Camo

We're here to reassure you that we will pop in with some pics from the winter that you might have missed. 

Dinner Time

Sue (our wonderful cleaning person and friend) changed over Mommy's closet from Winter to Spring clothes when she was here last week.

Taking Dining To a New Level

We are glad that we no longer need our fleece gear or raincoats that helped get us through this cold and rainy winter!

One Tired Guy

But, boy, did we ever look CUUTTTEEE in our little fleece outfits. 

Are You Doing That RIGHT Gershwin?

And we were sure thankful for them this winter.

A Whole New Level of Zen

We're even happier, though, that we can put the fleece away 'till next season just like Mommy got put away her winter clothes. 

Happy Monday!


Tovah Rose and Gershwin

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