Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer Visit: Jamie and Kiddos

Reunited! So Happy to See Jamie!

Summer has been busy with visitors and I'm behind on keeping up!

Jamie and her kiddos popped into town for a visit. 

Jamie and I became friends playing Ponytail Softball with Parks and Rec in the days when that was one of the only sports for girls and we were part of the same circle of eight girls who remained friends from 7th grade though the end of high school.

Other than running into Jamie briefly a few years ago, I have not seen her to catch up face to face in over a decade, so this was a very special and meaningful visit.

It was made extra-special because I got to meet her two little ones.

It was super hot, so we hung out in my backyard and got out the baby pool, bowls, tupperware, bubbles and sidewalk chalk. The kids had lots of fun! (Thanks, Mom, for setting it all up.)

Let's not go another decade without getting together, Jamie! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit and to hang out with your sweet little ones.



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