Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh, What a Night!

Abbie, Dad, Me, Mom

Wednesday night was a BIG night! 

Mom, Dad, Abbie and I went to see a performance at the same auditorium where Lisa has nurtured me for all of these years and made it possible for me to attend performances while being reclined. 

Now, seven years after attending my first performance post-illness, I went to a performance and SAT UP in the 'regular seats'. 

In the Mood: : a 1940's Musical Revue

Being able to really see the stage, the expressions on the singers and dancers faces and the fingers of the musicians making notes of joy pour out of their instruments made attending a performance a completely different experience. 

Me With Bud Forrest

Afterwards, I met (and had my photo taken with) the creator, producer, and music director of In The Mood--an uplifting and fun performance of 1940's music. 

I also got to wear one of my new SHORT dresses. :)

Wearing My Warrior Gear At The Beach

We arrived home in time for me to catch the second half of the Golden State Warriors game in which they beat the Houston Rockets to secure a spot in the NBA playoffs. 

This will be the first time in FORTY years that the Warriors will be in the playoffs. 

When I heard that the Warriors reached this huge goal after so many years and it coincides with my own approaching big 4-0, I felt those little chills I get when I feel like the universe is all aligned.

This Warrior will be cheering on the Warriors that are Stephen Curry and his team. Curry is the kid that no college wanted to recruit because he was too small and didn't show enough potential. Now, he's the superstar of the NBA and 2015 MVP. 

This Warrior known as Emily is feeling a little bit like Curry right now--on top of the world. 

Big and little victories every day. Week after week. Cherishing every single one. Not taking a moment for granted. Because there are no guarantees. 

So, I sat up for a performance; I wore a short dress; I could be more fully engaged in the show because I could really see the performers; I had my picture taken with the producer; I felt well enough to still come home and cheer on the Warriors; and I watched them win.

It was a good night.



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