Monday, February 01, 2010

15 Weeks: Stinks A Big One

At fifteen weeks into treatment, I'm not feeling like much of a trooper. I'd have to say this really "stinks a big one," a phrase I learned from the beautiful Newberry Award winning book, Rules.

Most days I feel overwhelmed, and sometimes crushed, by the physical and emotional challenges that treatment brings.

Of course I thought I was 'prepared' for the treatment and how hard it would be, but I really had no idea how physically and emotionally exhausted I would be simply surviving each day.

I'd apologize for the 'downer' of an update, but I'm working on not apologizing so much. I'm just honestly answering the "How am I doing?" question.



P.S. I highly recommend the book Rules, for yourself or your children. It's an amazing story about friendship, disability, and acceptance.

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Katherine said...

Emily--I've been thinking of you and know you have been quiet on FB etc so I know you've had to focus energy on resting.

Have you been able to talk to a dr about this decline? I realize it is at some level expected that it will take a lot out of you.

I am thinking of you. No need to respond!

Emily said...

Oh Emily, I burst into tears reading your update. I hate so much that you have to endure this. I'm glad that you are working on not apologizing. You have already been through more difficult years than anyone should have to endure, and now you are having to go through an even more difficult time. I hate it for you so much! I know the road ahead must still seem so long, but at least 15 weeks are now behind you. Still praying that all the work you are doing is going to lead toward healing!
Hugs and love to you!!

Rachel said...

Dear Emily,

I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. Thanks so much for posting an update, and thanks for being honest. I always like to know the truth.

I'm so sorry that this stinks a big one. :( I hope and pray that it will be beneficial for you and worth it in the end.

You are in my prayers, sweet friend.

Lots of love and hugs,