Monday, May 08, 2017

Monday Dog Blog: Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunset Beach 2017

Hey Mom!

We want to wish you a very, very, very happy birthday today!

Tovah's Bday 2017

We know how much you do for us. 

Here we are watching you in the kitchen (and hoping maybe you are getting us some kefir? Or dinner?).

Opening Her Presents!

We know we add a lot more work,

With Some Help from Gershwin

and especially messes (!!) to your life.

Sunset Beach 2017

We also know how much we appreciate you and all that you do for us.

Gershwin Looking For Some Snuggles!

You also know just where to pet us.

A Common Scene

You've let us take over your favorite sofa, resorting to covering it in an old duvet cover.

Tovah On Her Birthday--I Think She Was a Little Sad that it was a Rainy Day!

You keep the yard looking so pretty that even when it's dreary and rainy and we can't go outside to play, Tovah can enjoy watching the pretty scenery from indoors!

Tovah had a really great birthday last week,

and hopes you have just as special of a day as she did.

She really enjoyed opening her presents.

And her birthday kiss from Gershwin!

Kindred Spirit Mailbox, 2017

We know our mom is the bestest.

Thanks, Mom.

Lots and lots of sloppy kisses for you today.

We will also try to be quiet, obedient, polite, get out our own meals, not protest when you want to go for a walk....um....this is pushing it a bit.

Let's stick with the sloppy kisses and some snuggles...


Tovah Rose and Gershwin

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