Sunday, March 19, 2017

Monday Dog Blog: Caption This + Week 5 Update

I've been taking a FB break during our trip but have still been posting on Instagram. Instagram is a lot more relaxing and stress-free than FB these days. Just pictures and captions--that I can do!

So, when I caught this pic of Gershwin yawning over his upcoming walk in the rain, I asked for captions.

We'd love to add yours to our list!

Here are two:

From Rachel--

Gershwin says: "I don't want to be tied to my sister!"
Tovah says: "See what I have to put up with?"

From Kate--

"Mooooommmmmmmm! Tovah ate my biscuit!"

The kids were pretty unexcited about heading out for a walk in the rain this week.

They act pretty put out by the process of 'getting dressed' in their harnesses, coats, coupler and leash.

Then, I managed to catch Gershwin's yawn coming on....

Such satisfaction after that yawn! Now we can proceed...

This week was pretty low-key beach-wise--we only made it to the beach one day! Our first two weeks here were very warm and mild, while this week has been cooler, cloudier and windier. 

We took one day to head to the outlets (a first for me!) where, *gasp*, we left the kids home all day and didn't even buy them any gifts!

We've walked on the beach or around the development to see the Osprey, and otherwise just hung out.

I had a massage one afternoon (I've found a therapist down here who does great work!).

I've been feeling pretty yucky overall--either from allergies, gastroparesis, or some combination of things--so that's held us back some.

As you can see from the above picture, this puddle is FULL of pollen!

Not feeling well has definitely gotten me down this week.

Thankfully, these guys continue to be the little loves of my life and great smugglers.

Who can resist a wet dog that wants to be swaddled and snuggled?

It's hard to believe we're heading into week 6 here...

Hopefully we will get some beach time this week!

Happy Monday!



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