Monday, June 01, 2015

Monday Dog Blog: Couch Potato

Hello there, everyone!

It's Gershwin here.

I have something to tell you:

I am a couch potato.

Yup, that's me. 

While my sister is being a busy bee, I'm just looking for a lap--whether it's on the sofa, in the recliner, on the bed or anywhere really. 

Mommy and Mom can't sit down fast enough. I'm right there next to them. And sometimes, like you see here, I'm a little disappointed that Mommy got up and left me alone on the sofa.

So please, come sit beside me for while. Scratch that little sweet spot on my neck. Scratch behind my ears. Just be with me for a little while.

You won't regret it. Because, I'm the official "calmer-downer" in this house.

Happy Monday from me!



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