Sunday, March 15, 2015

Monday Dog Blog: Beachin' It

Hello everyone! Happy Monday from here at Sunset Beach, NC! We are happy to report that we had the best beach weather yet on Sunday!

As you can see, we are pretty tired out from all of that fresh salt sea air and sunshine.

It was warm enough today for us to go in the water!

Mommy was so so proud of me (Gershwin) for going in the water and braving the waves. I got soaking wet!

Tovah was being a girly girl and didn't have any interest in the water.

She missed out on a lot of fun!

After playing in the waves with Mommy, I made sure to get nice and sandy by digging around and putting my face in the sand!

It made me sneeze. Oops!

We hung out with Mommy, taking in the sites. We LOVE to meet all of the dogs on the beach. We also love to meet so many new people! Everybody fusses over us, tells us how pretty we are, asks what breed we are, and Mommy and Mom love to tell the story of how they got us and how wonderful we are. It's a great life to be at a beach with so many dog lovers!

We are always ready to go to the beach!

Most days have been very windy and cold. One day I (Tovah) had to wear my windbreaker because it was so chilly! 

The first three weeks we didn't have many beach days at all, but we have braved the weather whenever we can. I (Gershwin) am a big boy and didn't need a coat!

I'm the princess and I like to ride in the wheelchair with Mommy most days, but I have gotten better and better at learning to walk next to the wheelchair like my little brother does.

We just love our family StRolls on the beach! 

Last week, we tried to brave the weather but we got soaked in the rain.

I (Gershwin) was so tired out from all of that, I couldn't even keep my eyes open on the beach by the end of the walk.

We sleep very, very, very well after an afternoon at the beach!

Happy Monday from Us!


Tovah Rose and Gershwin

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