Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ibis and One Last Dinner Out

Libby, Me, Mom

Mom has gotten to know our neighbor, Libby, here at Sea Trail. We finally got to spend some time together all three of us tonight as we all get ready to bid farewell to Sunset Beach on Monday.

We so enjoyed our visit with her and hope our paths will cross again! I'm so glad I decided to knock on her door this afternoon and ask her to join us for dinner! It was a great break for all of us from packing!

I Love This Bridge!

We made a trip back to the same restaurant with went to with Cindy, Nick and Jake--because it's two minutes away and the food is great.

Raspberry Margarita!

I had my first ever margarita--a raspberry one! :) Last time, I had my first ever martini--key lime. Right now the martini wins for my favorite. This was my first venture outside of wine. 

Mom and I enjoyed the hush puppies, the whole bone in flounder, the smoked gouda grits, coleslaw and salad.

The Trees Look Like They Have SNOW In Them!

Today, as we were doing some organizing for the trip home--packing up the TV, preserving the sand dollars we found (or were given), etc. Mom spotted a sky FULL of white birds, which landed in the trees nearby.


We jumped in the car and drove as close as we could to them, and found hundreds of Ibis birds just resting in the trees.

Ibis Everywhere

We are not sure if they are migrating through her or what, but the woman we spoke with said she had never seen such a sight.

The Creek (and Ibis) Behind Our Condo

It was beautiful, marvelous and incredible. A wonderful moment in the midst of packing to leave.

I love the nature here--the birds, the sand, the ocean, the shells, the ponds, the alligators. I love the friendly people we meet and all of the yummy seafood. 

I'll miss many things about this place and a part of my heart is now firmly rooted here.

But I'm also ready to head home. I'm ready for OUR home, my own bed, our own yard, the Spring that awaits us, and of course, the friends, family and boyfriend that await. 



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