Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Remodeling: No More Cave!

Demolition and Destruction Time!

We've spent the past two months in the midst of another big remodeling project. 

It feels a bit like, after so many years of things piling up, accumulating, being left undone, getting neglected because of the more immediate focus on surviving every day with my health issues, we're in the mood to 'catch up' at bit on what we've missed.

Carpet is Gone, Window is In.

We live in a ranch style house where I have living space upstairs and Mom has living space downstairs.

This works very, very well for two independent adults living together! 

Choosing Paint Colors!

It's an ideal set-up, EXCEPT for the fact that Mom's space in the basement looks like a cave!

Dark paneling. Little teeny tiny windows. Old carpet that has endured multiple floods. 

Hmmm....Which Color?

We've put in a large window, painted all the paneling in various shades of soothing gray, put in vinyl flooring, tiled the bathroom, and are awaiting the carpet for the stairs. 

We Were SO Ready to Say Goodbye to This Carpet!

What a transformation! 

Still Waiting for Carpet

We still have a lot left to do, including buying furniture, bedding, etc., but we are making progress. The space already feels beautiful, fresh and new.

Thankfully, the most disruptive part of the process seems to be over--me needing to go to Dad's house to sleep for a few days while they put in the new window, Mom sleeping upstairs to avoid the smell of the oil-based paint and the hardest parts of the decision making. I think we tested out at least 10 shades of gray before we decided! 

None of us enjoy the actually process of remodeling, but oh, how I love the finished product and the feel of a space that is just as we want it!

Mom's Cave of a Bedroom

Over the years, I've been able to re-do my bedroom and my bathroom, so Mom is long overdue for something for HER.

In Progress...

I'm so proud of Mom for doing something for herself--something she rarely does. She deserves a space that is homey, comfortable, light, bright, and all her own.

New Big Window

I can't wait to be able to show photos of the big reveal! I think it will be a while yet before we are ready for that, though.

Is That LIGHT in the Basement?!

We're still working on a name for Mom's new space, now that it's no longer going to feel like a cave!

Most of all, I hope that Mom has many, many years of enjoying this new space. I'm over the moon for her.



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