Monday, July 05, 2010

Rebekah and Mr. Serious...

Hello! Look who got to visit! Rebekah and Kale were here over a week ago and I'm just getting photos up. As always, we continue to aim for once a month visits, but we don't always manage to do that.

I have re-named Kale Mr. Serious instead of Mr. Happypants. He is such an observer and always so, well, serious! This box of Kleenex kept him entertained for much of our visit. He just shredded a couple of kleenex and was perfectly content.  We DID have toys for the little guy, I promise.

I decided it was time for a 'light post' after my blogs of late. I've had some 'better' days lately (excepting two abdominal migraines. Boo!), which I think are due to the fact that it has been quite a while since I increased the Rocephin. It is good to see that I do eventually come out of a herx to some degree. I can't say I'm having 'good' days, but it is much better than the intense herxing.

As you can see this is also one of Kale's new favorite 'tricks' since I last saw him. Saying 'hello' and answering the 'telephone'. 

It is always such a great day when I get to see Rebekah and Kale. 



Photos:  Kale answers the telephone; Kale finds the Kleenex box to be the most interesting 'toy' available; 

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