Wednesday, July 14, 2010

38 Weeks...

Yesterday (Tuesday), I marked 38 weeks of treatment on the IV Rocephin. I had actually lost count of the weeks. 

I also increased the dose for the first time since April, from 1 gram daily to 1.25 grams daily. Once the dose is higher than 1 gram, instead of being able to infuse it with a five-minute push, we have to use a small bag filled with the Rocephin, hang it from a pole and do a 30 minute drip. It's not a big deal, but definitely more time consuming. 

I'm feeling a bit mixed about reaching 38 weeks because the plan was to do one year of IV antibiotics. The ideal dose is 2 grams daily and I'm not in any way close to reaching that dose before we would stop treatment 14 weeks from now. 

Still, at this increased dose I should be able to tell those little spirochetes to look out! As my cousin said: "I hope your body tolerates the change and the spirochetes don't!" Or more strongly put by a friend on Facebook: "Bitch-slap those spirochetes!" (Usually I go more for images of healing light and all that zen stuff, but I kinda like feeling a little martial-artsy about kicking some spirochete butt. :))

I'm already feeling the dose change, on top of recuperating from a visit with Carrie, Sam and my nephew David over the weekend. I LOVE these pictures of David watching "The Show" as he calls it. He is only two, but he is absolutely obsessed with The Muppet Show. He's allowed to watch an episode before his nap and before bed (and I got to cuddle with him while he watched! :)). 

He is so intense and so into "The Show". What do you want to do David? "Show!" 

You can wave your hand in front of his face like a windshield wiper and he doesn't even notice. I think this is about how I was all day yesterday! I watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls in one day. So, I thought these photos were fitting because I think I look a lot like David while I bond with the TV. Just not as cute as him!

In between my bonding with the TV while I get through this dose increase, I hope to still blog a bit, especially about my WONDERFUL visit with Carrie, Sam and David!



Photos:  David watches "The Show" in my bedroom with me and Sam. Poor Sam and Carrie have seen the episodes soooo many times at this point! And I found a new fun show to watch.

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