Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 22 Outing...

I find a certain comfort in trying to publish a post on the day that marks my latest 'week accomplished' in the IV treatment. I totally miscounted last week and jumped to 22 weeks. I must have been so busy celebrating turning 21, that I was in a drunken haze? Anyways, today (Tuesday) is 22 weeks down!

This last week has certainly had its ups and downs physically and emotionally, but overall I've been doing a bit better and have been able to go on a couple of outings to enjoy some of the spring weather we had all last week.

I've been able to add in 1/2 Zithromax 2x weekly.

I'm posting this picture just to prove I really do go everywhere in my PJs. Thankfully there really weren't that many people at the State Park we went to. (Carrie, that's totally my Yale hat! :))

We spent a while just sitting by the stream and listening. Asher really wanted to try to go for a swim (despite the fact that he really doesn't like swimming!).

This is one of the easiest parks to go to, since there are some paved pathways on which to take The Rolls. I wish there were more places we could discover that would be accessible. The photo above is from the original iron ore furnaces that used to be where this park is.

We went to this same park earlier in the week. Upon arrival we realized that we did not have The Rolls with us! I seemed to be in 'meltdown mode' that day, and burst into tears when I realized that we didn't have the tool we needed to go for a stroll. When I'm finally able to cry, I do it over that silly thing that breaks the camel's back. It's easier to cry about the little things than to take on the totality of everything.

So on Saturday we tried to make up for that unsuccessful outing earlier in the week!

I was able to sit up longer than I have been able to since starting the IV treatment. Unfortunately, for some reason, then I didn't sleep at all that night. How I feel from day to day and moment to moment is frustratingly unpredictable.

We were able to visit the stream at various locations, ending up at the beach area where we sat and ate a snack.

I keep thinking of the song "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most." In the winter time most people are inside more, hibernating, staying warm. As spring begins I feel like everyone is outside walking, running, planting flowers, playing with their dogs, etc. When it's cold and dreary outside, it's almost easier to cope with having to be inside or stay in bed. When it's beautiful and lovely out, I often feel sad that I can't engage in more 'normal' activities. It amplifies my feelings of being trapped in my body.

That seems to be the 22 week update. Definitely a smoother week than those of the teens.



Photos: Babbling brook; me, Asher, The Rolls, and pink PJs; Asher trying to get in the stream; Original iron ore furnace; a more serene area of the stream; the little beach area.


Skinner Family said...

I just was working on my personal history and I think when I wrote about my 6th grade field trip this was the park! It won't be long until I can visit you!

caroline said...

If it's the one I think it is, I did a report on the cemetary there for Ms Bebe's class. She took off points because the average age of the people buried there was too low (there were a lot of babies). The little things we remember! We used to camp there a lot.

Melanie said...

Hi Em!

Cheering you on... glad you can share a bit each week!

I can completely agree with you about the difference in the cold rainy days and the sunny days.

People say to me... "Well it's a beautiful day, that should cheer you up! Enjoy the sun!" What??? Cheer me up that I'm stuck inside while everyone else is out doing all the things I love? Enjoy the sun... through the roof??? Sigh... I know it's the best of intentions, but I always tell them that it's harder to be sick on sunny nice days than on cold rainy days.

Love you so much...

Rachel said...

I love the PJs! Congratulations on 22 weeks.

I like what Melanie said, "Enjoy the sun...through the roof???"

I'm glad you could get ouside in the sun, but I'm so sorry that you're feeling trapped in your body. That is a horrible feeling.