Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Passover!

Seder Plate

We were able to celebrate Passover last night. Mom always says she is going to keep things 'low key', but she always goes above and beyond with the yummy food!

Menu: Persian Chicken, Tzimmes, Asparagus, Charoset. All were very festive and very yummy.


Jeannine loves coming for the holidays. At the last minute I felt up to having company (although Jeannine is more family than company!), so she joined us to read our children's version of the Haggadah and eat dinner.


Yesterday I really saw the hope for progress and improvement in my health. I blogged, did a little yoga, rested and then had dinner with Mom and Jeannine. While I was completely exhausted and not feeling well by the end, it was still way more than I could have imagined doing even a month ago. Even during the summer when I was off of treatment, that would be a HUGE day.

So it was a very blessed day marking 23 weeks down!

Happy Passover!

And Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!



Photos: Seder Plate, Tzimmes, Charoset.

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Rachel said...

Happy (belated) Passover, Emily! I had been thinking of you this week as Passover was approaching. I am glad that you were able to have a Seder Meal with your mom and Jeannine even in the midst of this difficult treatment.