Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday Dog Blog: A Little Catching Up On Our Busy Lives!

Freshly Groomed

Well, we've been pretty busy here--busy enjoying the beautiful weather, going to our Canine Good Citizen class with Mommy and Mom, going to agility class (Gershwin and Mom), and most of all, enjoying feeling back to our old selves again!

Mommy has been so bad about blogging, we thought we'd stage an intervention and catch you all up on our lives!

Protective Big Brother 

Mommy and Mom wonder what is going on between brother and sister when they witness this common scene: Tovah Rose is in the bed and I (Gershwin) am steadfast in my brotherly love settled in front of her. They wonder why I do this and why I don't go in the other bed?


Mary and Tovah Rose Chat It Up

You all know how much we love when Nurse Mary comes to fill Mommy's pill packs and syringes. 

Tovah Rose Supervises

I (Tovah) still wasn't feeling very well last time Mary was here, so she took extra good care of me. She put my bed up on a chair next to her and talked to me the whole time she was here.

Very Happy Pups

I made sure she was doing a good job and didn't make any mistakes with Mommy's medicines.

Freshly Groomed

We took a long drive to visit our favorite groomer and don't we just look so cute and happy? We miss her so much and wish she wasn't so far away.

And Pooped

Still, getting handsome is really tiring. I like to chillax like this a lot, but Mommy and Mom laugh at me because they think it is funny.

Got Milk?!

We still get an afternoon snack of goat's milk and goat kefir. I (Tovah) always end up with this silly bearded look!

Got Milk?!

It's worth it, though, for all that tasty goodness.

Happy Monday!


Tovah Rose and Gershwin

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