Monday, February 23, 2015

Our First Day at the Beach

Why yes, here we are: at the beach. A week after our arrival here in Sunset Beach the weather finally cleared up enough for us to make our first trip to the beach. It appears that this balmy windless afternoon is the only one we'll have for quite a while!

Of course, I had to bug a stranger (although, almost everyone here is chatty, kind and friendly) and ask him to take a photo of our gang. His Bernese Mountain Dog, Leo, decided he wanted to be part of the picture too. (No, we did not adopt another dog!)

The day was fairly foggy and cloudy, but the most peaceful day we have had at this beach. Last year, every day we were at the beach the winds were 10-15 miles per hour. On Sunday? NO wind.

I love the feeling of returning to a place that is starting to feel familiar. When we traveled to Emerald Isle, NC summer after summer while I was growing up, I loved that rush of excitement and anticipation that rippled through me as we went over the intracoastal waterway.

That's how I felt this year at the beach here as we crossed the bridge to the beach, as we parked the car in our familiar spot near a handicapped access point, as Mom pushed me in the rolls on the walkway to the beach, and as the beach came into view. 

Breathe in. Breathe Out. Smell the fresh ocean air.

As we got closer to the beach, Tovah Rose and Gershwin pulled and pulled and pulled on their leashes!

Tide was low and the beach was HUGE!

The water was calm.

We were all very happy!

It looks like the rest of the week will be cold again. We were back in our winter coats again today. Instead of going to the beach we ran some necessary errands and settled in for an episode of Downton Abbey this evening.

Plenty of beach days await us in March, I am sure of it. For now, here's our obligatory 'First Day at The Beach Photo'. 



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Pam & Craig said...

Looks amazing Emily! Enjoy your time :)