Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monday Dog Blog: Beach Ready

Safety First!

Tovah Rose and Gershwin hit the road in style to head to beach. We spread the trip over two days, and both puppies were excellent little travelers. 

Don't Forget Me!

Gershwin showed much more anxiety while we prepped for the trip than Tovah did. Poor guy threw up twice during the week before we left, and made sure to be everywhere we were while packing. 

Rain Ready!

Our little guys also got new raincoats and LED lights in preparation for this year's trip. They weren't too sure about the jackets, but they will certainly come in handy here as we experienced so many rainy days last year. It is also quite dark in the neighborhood, so the LED lights have come in handy. Again, safety first! :) 

Working on the iPad While at the Hotel

We were unable to stay with our friends on the way down this year, so the puppies had their first experience in a hotel. While they did a great job, they definitely were a bit unsure about the whole thing. Every time I got up to pee or leave my bedroom they would cry. They clung to Mommy all night long.

I love knowing that I can make them feel safe.

Beach Baby

Miss Tovah Rose went into 'Beach Mode' almost immediately after arrival at our condo. She can be found in Mom's arms just like this quite a bit. 

Settling In

It's taken the puppies a couple of days to realize we're staying here for a while. But they seem to be settling in now!

Serious About Napping

Mom and I watched a movie together. Tovah thought it was kinda boring.

Did You SEE Those Birdies?!

Less boring are the birdies outside!

Just Say No to the Evening Constitutional

We got G all dressed for his first walk in the rain one night and he wanted nothing to do with going outside. Instead he jumped up on the bed trying to escape from Mom. 

My Little Helper

Tovah is an excellent little helper, and has been helping me with the puzzle we started.

Lots of Love for Mom

We are so happy to be able to have our little loves with us here at the beach. We can't imagine life without their loves, snuggles, antics and spirits. 

Holding Paws

Much love abides here in our little condo at the beach.

And Tovah Rose and Gershwin are so happy to back with our Monday Dog Blog!



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