Tuesday, April 06, 2010

24 Weeks!

Just a little post to mark 24 weeks into treatment. I've been able to get outside to take some pictures, so here are a few of my very favorite tree in our yard: our beloved weeping cherry tree. It's not blooming as well as it does some years, perhaps because of the wacky weather we are having this year.

I'm regularly getting out to the mailbox, taking some photos, doing a touch of yoga, loving Dancing With the Stars, and overall doing better than I have been since treatment started.

That is, until allergies hit! We had a lovely Sunday lunch outside, and while I was out there I began to feel super sick. I finally left the lovely weather for the couch inside, where I spent the rest of the afternoon super sick and sleeping. I've not felt well since then.

It is super frustrating to get so sick from allergies that I cannot be outside to enjoy the lovely weather, but this is not something new. I've been struggling with horrible, often debilitating, allergies since I was a teenager.

Until the worst of the early Spring pollen passes, I'll be staying inside unless I feel up to evening StRolls with mom.

On the Lyme front, I have been adding in Zithromax (orally). I'm up to 1/2 tablet every other day, and so far so good.

I had hoped to increase the Rocephin this week also, but my urine showed abnormalities, and my PCP wanted to make sure we knew the source of the problem before forging ahead. Otherwise, my blood work has stayed perfect so far, which is a fantastic thing!

I have a phone consult with Dr. Lyme on Thursday, so I'll update after that. I'm sure he will be grateful to hear that things have improved since the malarone!

I had the blessing of a visitor yesterday. A friend I've known since fourth grade. Jess made such an effort to accommodate to my schedule. I really have a hard time with visitors, for many reasons. But yesterday, I let Jess hang out while my home care nurse changed my port needle. Letting her see me so vulnerable was really a huge step for me, and in some ways very freeing. Because really, she didn't care. I wore my PJs, messy hair, and no make-up. It was a little personal victory.

And also really, really, really nice to be around an old friend.

Sorry for the 'strictly news' update. I am too tired for a more 'deep' post! But I definitely wanted to check in, and thank you all, as always for reading, caring, and sticking by me.



Photos: Weeping cherry tree in bloom on Monday.


Kristen said...

Beautiful, uplifting photos! Congrats on week 24 - you are really getting up there! ;-)

Rachel said...

Strictly news is just fine. Thanks for the update!

The pictures are beautiful. So very pretty! I'm sorry your allergies are flared up and you can't go outside. :(

Hooray for the little personal victory, and contratulations on the 24 week mark!

Emily said...

Hooray for 24 weeks, boo for allergies!! Geez, your poor body can't catch a break! :(

We are loving Dancing with the Stars too. :) We will have to chat about it. :)