Monday, November 30, 2009

Monica Mondays

My week starts out with my home care nurse, Monica, coming on Monday mornings to deaccess and reaccess my port, as well as draw my weekly blood work. Of course she also monitors my blood pressure, lungs, and all that jazz only to remind me that my blood pressure is pathetically low these days.

Thankfully my blood work has remained fairly stable so far, my port is healing well, and staying infection-free.

I really, really lucked out with my home care nurse. She used to work on an oncology ward so she is fantastic with accessing ports. This has been good for me because I've had tenderness at the needle site if we access the same spot too many weeks in a row. She's skilled enough not to 'miss' the port, which another nurse did one week--a miserable experience.

It's fun to have a nurse come who's close to me in age so we can talk about fun and fluffy stuff like TV and where to buy cute pajamas!

When you get this post Tuesday morning, I'll be marking six weeks of IV treatment. And yes, I'm counting each and every week.

Just wanted you to meet Monica since she is now part of my 'team' and I'm incredibly lucky to have her!

I'll explain the port in more detail as I am able--and I can post a picture of it if you're not to grossed out!



Photo: Monica, my awesome home care nurse

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