Sunday, January 28, 2018

Monday Dog Blog: Mr. Polite

Our sweet little Mr. Gershwin had his teeth cleaned on Friday.

When we went to pick him up the vet told us how well he did, including using the description:

"He was SO polite!"

We have definitely been getting a smile out of this ever since.

We asked if that meant he had shaken her hand, but she said no, he had been so quiet and well-behaved and didn't bark. Instead, he just gave his Auntie Jen sad sack eyes all day, hoping she would come rescue him from his crate and bring him up to the front desk with her.

We really weren't sure if Tovah Rose even noticed that her brother was away for the day. She seemed completely non-plussed.

(These photos aren't from Friday, but this is pretty much the scene around here daily!)

However, when we took Tovah Rose with us to pick up Gershwin and get her Lyme booster, she ran to the back room, found her brother, sat in front of his crate, looked up at him and wouldn't move.

Then, when he came out of the crate, she gave him a proper greeting, butt sniffing and all. 

Most of the time we think that Gershwin is much more interested in having a sibling than Tovah is. He never gets mad at her, but she often loses her temper with him.

But then we have moments when she does things like in the photos above: lays on TOP of him in the chair with me.

If he did the same thing to her, she would give him what for.

We are happy to report that our little guy's teeth are so shiny and clean and he is doing great.

He enjoyed a lot of resting that day, snuggled up with all of his 'babies' in his crate. There are never enough soft snuggly babies for this guy.

I haven't blogged in a very long time--not dog blogs or any blogs.

We head to the beach this week, and I hope that I will be able to get my sea legs back again and start writing!

Stay tuned!



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polly said...

You know I had a dog that looked just like yours. We got him from the shelter- they told us he was a mutt. He came with the name Gizmo- I tried to change it being a first time dog owner myself but he wouldn't have it. He was the cutest thing I had ever seen. We've often tried to figure out what he was but have never been sure. A 30-35lb maltese or Lhasa Apso mix. I know he was stubborn- reminded me of my sister's (later) cocker spaniel. We often had to get them in, or outside when they didn't want to and they had a low center of gravity! He had the cutest beard, especially after he ate spaghetti sauce.
January 29, 2018 2:27 PM