Sunday, April 02, 2017

Monday Dog Blog: Our Last Week + HOME

Hey folks! 

We're home now, but we wanted to share a little bit about our last week at the beach.

We just got home on Saturday evening. Mommy was so very tired that she slept until 3 PM on Sunday!

Early in the week we spent an afternoon down at the far end of the island where there was SO. MUCH. TO. EXPLORE.

Mommy loves this end of the island at low tide. The beach seems endless, the sand is full of dips and ripples, tide pools are filled with warm water, and the intra-coastal waterway can be seen. 

This is the first year Mommy has been able to really explore this end of the island and walk around!

Tovah Rose really loves to be off leash and she waded in and out of the tide pools, which was very brave of her. I was a pretty proud big brother because Tovah Rose doesn't really like the water very much.

As you can see, all that exploring wore her out!

After the walk, we were both very, very wet!

It was definitely the most wet and dirty we have gotten at the beach this year, but oh so worth it!

We BOTH found a way to sit on Mom's lap and, as you can see, Tovah really sacked out!

We really got into a routine of going to the beach a lot! We had quite a bit of nice weather. Even when it wasn't warm, Mom and Mommy bundled up and headed to the beach anyways.

Tovah Rose enjoyed the screened in porch again this year.

She happily spent many hours out there.

As you can see, my sore paw didn't slow me down from working hard!

Mommy took me to the vet on Tuesday and got some medicine for me. I can happily report that I am feeling all better now. AND, we now have a vet down at the beach that we like and know we can trust if we ever have an issue again!

Mommy couldn't believe how we snuggled up to each other like this on the way to the beach!

On Wednesday--our last day at the beach--we headed to our favorite part of the beach--Bird Island, where it is completely undeveloped.

Tovah practiced her new hobby of chasing birds.

She's getting pretty good at it!

I practiced joyfully running back and forth between Mom who was walking in the dry sand, and Mommy who was wading in the water.

Mommy got an email from Shutterfly asking her if she remembered 8 years ago. It was filled with these precious pics of her beloved Asher. It was also a reminder of how, 8 years ago, Mommy was just happy to be out on the PORCH at her OWN house. That was considered an 'outing'. She knows Asher came into her life when she needed him the most, and left when he knew he had done his job. 

Mommy feels that Asher would be so excited to see her walking instead of StRolling and he'd love to walk next to her at the beach.

On the way home from the beach, Facebook notified Mommy that the above picture was taken 3 years ago to the day.

She looked behind her to discover that I'm still sleeping with my same favorite 'baby' and he makes my car trips so much better.

I really like my 'babies' on the car ride!

We were both super duper travelers and did well both in the hotel and the car, except that I kinda sorta puked on the way home. 


We were all sad to leave the beach, but we also know it's time to be back HOME where we belong, hanging out in our yard, going for walks and seeing all of our doggy and human friends and neighbors that we've missed.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to spend time at the beach each year. In turn, we are grateful for the community we return home to each year.



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