Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monday Dog Blog: Staying Stronger Together

November 8, 2016
Hillary Headquarters 

Mommy hasn't posted an entry in over three weeks because she's been trying to make sense of the election, of how to move forward, and how, it seems, love didn't trump hate. 

She'd really like to get back to blogging, so we thought we'd help her start with a Monday dog blog. 

Tovah Rose and Crystal

We actually spent part of election day at the Hillary Headquarters in our town, visiting staff and volunteers to relieve some stress. 

Mommy and Mom invested so much of their hearts and souls into the election. We can't really just ignore what happened and not acknowledge that we're feeling a little lost, uncertain, scared and adrift here at home.

What we're doing here is recognizing how hard we all fought as a family for HRC. We're trying to gather ourselves together, piece by piece, and find a new path forward in an uncertain world. We're holding tight to one another here at home. Snuggling more. Hunkering down. Loving one another. Making sure that we remember every day that Love Trumps Hate in this home and that we are Stronger Together as a family.


Tovah Rose and Gershwin

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