Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Arts Fest Outings And Visitors

Fest Time!

We had a spectacular Arts Festival experience this year. This is the third year in a row that I have been able to go to Arts Fest, which is just so overwhelmingly wonderful and exciting. As I have written both last year and the year before, Arts Fest feels like part of my soul, something I have engaged in, enjoyed and cherished since I was a little girl. It's also always been something I did together with my mom and with friends.

Part Of The Sidewalk Sales

This year, Mom and I were able to go to the Festival on both Thursday and Friday afternoons. It was hot, and I needed my cooling vest, but I did it! We made it around the entire loop of artists--many of whom had take-your-breath-away work on display. The juried festival is extremely competitive for the number of slots available, making it one of the top shows in the country.

Jewelry From One of My Favorite Jewelers

I splurged a little too much--on a necklace, and then on a dress for my 40th birthday. I'll be wearing that dress for the entire month of October interspersed with my Dysautonomia Awareness shirts!

I purchased a necklace from one of my favorite jewelers, and someone who I've been able to keep in touch with and form a relationship with. I love to support artists as much as I possibly can, and I love when they are interested and willing to form relationships with their customers. Elizabeth helped me choose the perfect necklace for me.

These days, I enjoy having the energy to put on jewelry every day.

Thursday Was SO Humid, Friday Was Gorgeous!

Mom scoped out the half of the Festival on Thursday morning and the other half on Friday morning. She marked the booths she thought I might most enjoy, so that we could tailor our trips there in the afternoon.

I LOVE This Family

Not only did I get to go to Fest two days in a row, but I was able to spend Saturday visiting with friends who were in town. On Saturday afternoon, I got to see Sarah, Bob and Lana, which is always so much fun and fills my heart with joy. Lana is growing more and more comfortable and safe in our home and is always full of hugs for Auntie Em.

Me, Lana and Minnie :)

She also put some major creative pressure on her creatively challenged aunt to make a dress and legs for the Minnie Mouse head Sarah had made!

Evening Music Time

After my nap, Kiernan and I headed back up to the Festival to see live music. Gathering at the Festival Shell year after year with friends to listen to music was something I did every year of my life before getting sick. 

This year was the first year that I was able to make it for music!

My Boyfriend Is a Goofball

Styling In My New Glasses (40 Here I Come!)

Kiernan and I found ourselves feeling a little nostalgic and sad when we saw how few people turned up for the music and when we discovered the band wasn't that great. We both have so many good memories of time spent here on this lawn.

Me and Kate! Yay!

In the end, while that part was disappointing, what mattered most was that we were there to meet up with Kate and her family. I got to see all three of her children playing and hang out, which is something I haven't done before because usually just Kate and I get together without the kids.

And we all got ice cream! Because I can eat ice cream now! (Today when I went to see Dr. GI I told him: "I can eat ice cream now!" and he literally put his arms up in the air and cheered. He was as excited as I am about the changes in my gastroparesis!)

It was one heck of a Fest this year and I am amazed at what my body continues to do. Sunday was a day spent lying around like a vegetable recuperating, and Monday wasn't great, but I have rebounded incredibly well given all that I did in those three days!

I LOVE Fest! 



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