Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday to Mr. Fuzz!

I can't believe Asher is NINE!

We finally had a bit of respite from the oppressive summer heat we've been having, so I was able to take Asher outside to open his present. He enjoyed it immensely (as he always does!). He LOVES to open presents.

A box for me? 

What's in here??

Oooh, look at all of these treats!

After all of these years we have finally figured out that Asher must have food allergies. So, he got a box full of his new favorite special treats!

Now what? Aren't there any more presents to open?

Mr. Handsome 

Poor Asher started out having a wonderful birthday, but it didn't end so well. Neighbor Scott stopped over and Asher desperately wanted to play. It is hard to know exactly what is going to set off a pain episode for him, or how much is 'too much', but he ended up in excruciating pain the rest of the day. Panting, pacing, and unable to lie down. I even had to call the emergency vet at 11:30 PM to try to figure out what other pain meds I might be able to give him.  Thankfully, after some rest, pain meds and CST session he is doing much better, but he still needs to remain low-key. 

He's right here next to my recliner keeping me company as I type this blog.

Despite his neck pain (which does inhibit him from engaging in some favorite activities), he is still his same puppy-like self. And my constant companion. 

Doesn't that sweet face make you smile? It always does me!

Blessings and Happy Birthday to Asher!


Photos:  Me and Asher (taken by Scott); Asher opening his birthday present.


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Asher!
He is one special dog.
So sorry he is in pain--that's hard for you too. :(

Katherine said...

PS He is only a few months younger than our dog, Takoda!

Ellen said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are adorable. Happy Birthday Asher!